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September 20, 2006


Mary Richmond

I started a focus group with a bunch of like minded entrpreneurial ladies about 6 months ago and I have to say I like this idea of writing our visions of each other's projects. It helps us see where we are and are not clear, I would imagine...if I'm understanding it right. Are you reflecting what each other is putting out there or are you interjecting your own thoughts of what each might do in addition or instead of their own ideas?


We were doing all sorts of things, actually. But the intent is to hear what the person's project is, and then put your vision for that person's project into words. It wasn't until after the readings were complete did other actual observations start to immerge (like the romance novel observation for someone...totally unrelated, but was quite funny, and I'm ready to hook her up with someone if she produces the beginnings of a manuscript). The intent is to see your situation from outside of yourself, and move from there.

Mary Richmond

sounds great--I'm going to suggest our group try it...it's a different spin on what we do and I think it helps to see from a new perspective...thanks!

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