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October 24, 2006



Your story is very inspiring. I am sooo looking for the day when I too can leave Corporate America, but have constant thoughts of how I can leave my job without a husband to pay the bills until the business is self-sustaining. I would love to hear stories of how women left their jobs to start businesses, when they were the sole bread winners.

Bill Dueease


Congratulations for leaving the corporate culture of politics and deceit. Your realization that “Worst of all, I was sick of feeling like a fraud.” was quite important. As a person rises higher in the corporate culture they must learn to shirk all responsibility and focus on doing only what the people in the organization who control their jobs, their salary and their status want, regardless if doing so benefits or hurts the organization or their employees. In essence, people rise to higher executive positions in corporations because they know who to butter up to and how to do it with loyalty, and not because they are better leaders or more effective in managing the corporation. Look at Kenneth Lay and the others how they pillaged the corporations then denied any responsibility. You discovered this fraud and chose a life of integrity and honesty. I commend you. You are not alone. Many people have realized the same truths, and hopefully your story will touch the hearts of many more after you.

Yet, the overwhelming power of corporations many times overwhelms the myths of executive competence by covering up the truths of fraud you discovered. Keep telling your story. It is worth repeating.

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