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October 20, 2006


Lani Hashimoto

Beautiful & inspiring! Congratulations Charlene! I'm interested in Ladies Who Launch. Looking forward to learning more!


As moving as this story is, it's not fully inspiring. It's a lot easier to leave your former calling of "most likely to succeed" when you've bankrolled it into 6 figures and even more.

The story I really want to read about is the person who did NOT have any money accumulated, decided to ditch it all, and became a success anyway. And because this American society deriving from Madison Avenue, I'd like to see the success expressed financially too.

It is the 1st of the month of May 2007 in the West Coast's Pacific Time Zone, meaning a lot of rents are due in apartments of all sizes, including that of yours truly. The bit about "Success is how you collect your minutes" won't be bought by my current landlord, nor my future mortgage lenders nor tax collectors when the property is paid off. So let's get some stories about those who literally started from nothing with no financial cushion to fall back on after years of discovering they weren't cut out for their original casting.


I think this is a great story. Shows partnership and the ability to escape the boundries of your mind. Congratulations!

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