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November 14, 2006


Sandy Taylor-Furst

If only good ideas would come with money!!! Taking risks are part of the game. To hedge the risk, I took an SBC development business plan writing course. I thought OK, now with my business plan under my arm and SBC Development Center behind me, the bank will look at my thorough business plan and give me a loan. To say the least, I walked out of the bank. They sent in a gentleman,at least 20 years my junior. He didn't even know how to read the complete packet that the bank had requested.I thought I'm not that desperate, I live in California, I can self-fund!
Ahh, 1 1/2 years from registering for SBDC and 3 months since Style Like A
Pro DVDs came on the market, I am starting to feel concerned. My husband and I agreed that the business may consume $100,000 before even the smallest of profits are recognized. Hey, I live in California, I still work at my other career,we are still able to save for our retirement,what's the big deal? The big deal is, I want to give this opportnity my ALL. Instead I'm nickel and diming it, hopefully, not to death. My next step along with finding FDM,(Fairy Dust Money)is to open a 15 month zero interest credit card,to offset my self funding interest. Is this appropriate? I don't know,all I know, is that I need to make some big sales, before I request to be seen by the dreaded bank. How sre the rest of us doing it out there?
I hope I am doing this the right way! Sandy Taylor-Furst, President, Style Like A Pro.


I would not go down the road of funding your business with your credit cards. Not a good way to go cus it is tough to get back if the buisness does not perform.

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