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December 22, 2006



Regifting got a bad name due to Seinfeld. Well that is so last century.

RECycle. Put your not- -quite--right-- for-you item in a cabinet where it is safely saved for someone else.


Each of us has too much stuff anyway.

Pass it on.

Be thoughtful.
Will this person like this item?
Make sure the packaging is in pristine condition. No dusty old things with glop hanging from it will do.

Remove the cards, tags and old paper remnants.

Use a fresh box, new tissue paper.

Make it special.

Who knows that hot pink pleather mini-skirt might just have found a happy home.


Re-gifting is fabulous way to navigate the right gift to the best matched recipient. It is absolutely fine to re-gift as long as 1. the present is unused and 2. the giver genuinely believes the recipient will enjoy the gift. Happy Re-Gifting!

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