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November 28, 2007


Ria Moore Benedict

I had a similar situation happen to me and it is unfortunate when there is an abundance of everything to go around and we are ultimately here to help and connect with each other. One reason for such a response is personal insecurities. Such actions reflect where that person is in his or her life and have nothing to do with you as an individual. I, for one, am grateful when someone else talks about me to others or promotes my business. I feel a great sense of community and sisterhood when I know I have my women friends supporting me. Therefore, I thank you and other women who believe in working together to create abundance for everyone. Cheers!

Ria Benedict

--Be loving, happy, yourself, free.


This is an interesting one, because a blogger, I do value my content and do want to hang on to it for SEO value. I have always felt that if content is totally replicated on another blog, that it then competes against my own content in the search engines. I do understand snippets, and I do use them, and cite and link to the website from where I pulled the snippet - as I know you do. I might be alone in this, as I know a big SEO expert does allow others to republish her articles. But I still don't get why. And again, I'm only saying this from an SEO (search engine optimization) point of view. I know you are very good at promoting and linking to others.

My pet peeve is when designers don't allow people to post pictures of their stuff - to promote it. An organization I was working with was selling a necklace, and I asked if we could use the photos from the designer's website. She said "I'll allow you to use our product shots." What? This organization was selling her things, expanding her reach - she can't lend a photo? But I've seen other blogger/designers who have a statement on their website stating to not use product photos. From a hotlinking point of view, I get this. It uses bandwith. But if I upload it to my own server...

But as a blogger, I'm always sad when I can't post pictures. Anyway, that's my 2 cents on this topic. Your posts are always great.

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