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January 04, 2008



Look locally for a list of small PR firms that work with small businesses. There's probably a Chicago directory of PR firms. For the market that you are targeting, there are organizations like the Red Hat club, AARP that you can pitch.

Joan Weinberg

Hi Margaret:
I provide a free, tailor-made service matching companies when they're about to launch with PR firms worldwide. [Transparency: After we go through a lengthy process -- short list, proposals, negotiation of fee, etc. -- I am paid a commission by the firm that wins your business.]
I've been helping companies to launch for the past seven years. One company in particular may be of interest: www.evolence.com Their demographic and yours are identical. After a successful PR campaign in the UK and Europe lasting approximately 16 months, they came to the attention of J&J and were bought by them last year.
In whatever market you're interested in penetrating, I'll do your homework for you and find you the best match for your budget, your goals -- and most importantly, your personality. THAT'S what makes a successful PR relationship really take off.
I don't know if I'm allowed to plug my business in the comments section but if so, following are some word-for-word telephone calls from a few clients.
If this looks good, I look forward to hearing from you. Please drop me a line and let me know when it would be a good time to call.
BTW, I am an American but I'm located in Israel. I'm awake for every time zone in the world. Don't ask!

Joan Weinberg
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Corporate and Consumer PR Firms
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"I have to hand it to you, Joan. You really outdid yourself. I don't know how you did it, but the firms you found us in Spain and Belgium are absolutely perfect. I am thrilled."
Ms. Belinda Eliahu
Director of Marketing

"I know it's almost midnight but I just had to call to thank you. When you first came to our offices, I have to admit that I didn't understand exactly what you were going to do for us, or how. But you found us THE best NY PR firm for our needs. Joan, you're amazing."
Mr. Boaz Schlesinger
VP Marketing

"You've already done three effective matches for me in Europe, the U.S. and Asia. This time, please find me some great PR firms in Italy and London. You know me inside out and you know what I like, so I'm leaving the whole thing in your hands."
Ms. Julie Shafiki,
AVP, Global Public Relations,
Corporate Marketing

"I want to thank you for finding us our London PR firm. These guys are great and they have all the right connections for us. They know what they're doing. And I had no idea that you were going to spend so many hours on us. I wish you'd let us pay you something!"
Mr. Yair Sakov, Past VP Marketing and Business Development
Formula Telecom Solutions

Joan Weinberg

Hi Margaret:
My face is red. I did my homework backwards. I answered your Ladies Who Launch request and only then went to your site. I'm not certain you're discussing the same product but if so, you can enlarge your demographic to an additional audience.

I used to be a science writer (the Weizmann Institute of Research)and medical writer (Reuters medical Web site). What will garner you additional sales is if you go from cute to credible.

Again, please be in touch and let's see if we can brainstorm a way for you to ratchet up your messaging.


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