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February 13, 2008


WandaLou McInturff

Hi! I am an e-bay PowerSeller beginning my small business in June of last year. I am with you, but not for the same reasons. I believe you will not like my explanation though.

In May, when e-bay starts the feedback system over - They will eliminate all feedback beyond a year and then add into the Seller's those feedbacks of repeat buyers. Whoopie! Mine will jump from 500 to 1700 as I have a 72% return client list. How will yours fare?

Robyn Volker

Minor correction! The fee changes go into effect on 2/20, the feedback changes in May.

Additional venues to check out are OnLine Auctions, Bidville, uBid, and iOffer.

Robyn Volker

Sorry it took so long to reply - I never dreamed that I would get a comment! Most Power Sellers, I believe, have a pretty good repeat customer base.

The real challenge is not the repeat customer feedback, but will customers leave feedback at all! Over the past 10 years, feedback has fallen off precipitously. But feedback is a tiny portion of the overall picture.

Feedback alone is just a small part of the eBay world. Far more important are the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSRs) and the way buyers are instructed to leave the "stars" and the way eBay interprets them. Even the best sellers are struggling with this new system.

Combined with the default Best Match search, it's an uphill battle for many good sellers.

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