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February 01, 2008


Jo Anne

I'm a massage therapist in the Twin Cities who has been searching for a class/networking group/organization to help me focus and grow my small business. My daughter recommended LWL (she read the book) and I came to the internet to see what it's all about. That's how I found you and to make a long story short, how do I find out about a local group? What is the criteria for deciding who gets 'in'? Who would I contact in the Twin Cities?

Thanks for your help, Kelly.

Jo Anne Lorenz

P.S. I enjoyed your blue bracelet article. I was a tour guide for 8 years and carried small objects all special for their own reasons.
I also have a heart shaped rock but that's another story. Blessings to you.

robin dudley-howes

I am a little blown away. Today I was in Borders and saw Taras blog in a magazine and wrote it down to check it out (bellapink). Then I saw an audio book "Ladies who Launch" and was intrigued as I am in the process of catapulting my business into another dimension. I am getting to my point...as you'll see.

So I am home, checking Taras blog, see she has "Ladies who Launch" as a link and there is the synchronicity! I had never heard of either Tara or LwL! Since my attention is on intending more for my business, I think I have found one of those Aha! moments and will continue this on this fun excursion. I love when this happens!

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