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March 08, 2008


Rosalind Joffe

People tell me I'm their"hero" - because of how I've lived with chronc illness for 30 years. I've balked at that - and usually ignore those comments. But I've come to see that by living my life and rather than complain about my health but seeing it as something that just is - this is heroic to some - and incomprehensible. But it's neither. It's will - I figure this IS my life -somedays with pain or fatigue and others without. If you dwell on it as something that's horrible or to be sad about, it's moments missed. That's why I launched my business 10 years ago - and why for the past 5 years work solely with people with chronic illness - who, too, are motivated to just "keep on truckin'" and keep working.Rosalind Joffe aka cicoach.com

Lisa Copen

Thank you for bringing to light not just illness but the term "invisible illness." As the founder of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week we seek to make more people aware of the fact that nearly 1 in 2 people have an illness and 96% of it is invisible. People with illness feel less alone and isolated in their pain. People without illness have a better understanding that pain is usually impossible to see or measure for another person.

I was dignaosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 24 and began Rest Ministries (a Christian organization that serves the chronically ill) by the time I was 26. That was eleven years ago. Having a goal and the opportunity to reach out to others is truly what keeps me going. Even when the body aches I can drag myself to the computer and find a source of encouragment; either through another person, a newsletter, or buckling down and getting to work.

I am often amazed at the strength and perseverance I witness every day in people who live with chronic conditions. Truly in their physical weakness they find strength they never knew they have. And oftentimes it's related to having to put "extras" aside and focus on where our true passions are at.

Thank you for your article. Lovely!

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