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March 19, 2008



Careful doing this. I had an image that people wantd to download, and that completely froze up my site very often. It took up way too much bandwidth having all these tourists visiting!


Hey BatGirl,
This is true. I had a similar experience. For me, people were not downloading the image to their computers as I've described, but were displaying the image on their websites. That is called "hotlinking" and definitely steals your bandwidth, something you pay the hosting company for each month and could freeze or crash your site. I wrote about my experience at my other IT blog here, where someone hotlinked to my free desktop wallpaper and had it as the background of her blog. Every time her blog displayed, it would display my image, using my code, which is different from downloading an image once and hosting it on your own server: http://thatitgirl.blogspot.com/2007/09/if-someone-is-stealing-your-code-can.html

Thanks for you comment, as I've made a note in the blog post!

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