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March 24, 2008


Maria Marsala


Great going on your observations about long business plans. Ya.. the long plan really turns most off to the planning process. In fact, I know that there would be many more entrepreneurs if only banks, angels, VCs didn't requite that 30 page plan. I wonder sometimes how many businesses never get off the ground because of that planning process.

But there is another way... I call it the "bring the boss back to the business" plan.

I love doing, doing, doing, doing because I see lots of results. However, I realized that what I needed in my company was a full time "boss." The one to keep the company focused on our vision, help me be accountable, pull me back when I get off track doing something cool, but not necessary, determine the ideal clients, drive the company forward with determination, manage it and the employees/consultants. Someone to be the change agent, etc. Of course, I can do all those things but it's a 24/7 job. And with all the other hats I wear, I just wasn't being the best boss possible to my first employee -- me!

In my corporate America days, even though I was an executive, the management team for the company determined the vision to mission to objectives, strategies, etc.

In 2000, I found a better way to plan. One that ends up in a MS Word document and on one page. Yes, on one page.

Today, when I want to create a plan software has me completing the first draft in less than 2 hours! Using it soon afterwards and critiquing it with the help of another business owner. Best, is that it comes with a monitoring system (well on the web) that I use that helps me see results, make changes when needed, etc.

I agree... some people feel that business plans are written in stone and can't be changed. But they can easily change... when they're in a word doc

Today I'm a much better boss :) and employee, too.

Have you ever heard of the one page planning and performance system?

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