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April 07, 2008


Carolyn Miller

While I commend your ideas..I don't agree with your thoughts on the Princess factor. My definition of a Princess is not someone with a vacant stare- it is someone who uses their title and blessings to help whether with their voice speaking out against something they don't believe in or with their actions. My interpertation of the personality that you have written about is a Diva.
That said I agree with your basic theory girls can be anything they want in this day and age. My Niece who is 9 loves everything pink and is definitly a Princess in my sense of thinking- she helps in her community and is a team leader- wants to go to Harvard Law school so please think of all aspects before labeling.


You Go Girl! No princess here either. That's why I started my online business too. You want to tell girls they can be rocket scientists. I want to tell girls they can travel the world.

Monica Dennis

Very cool, Andrea. I'm on the fence about the princess stuff. My 4-year-old just loves them and I know her dad and I never encouraged it - it's just her thing. But she is also a dynamic individual who speaks her mind and defends her choices - even the choice to love princesses. If you ask her what she wants to be or do, she'll go on forever. My "princess" loves her tiaras, pretty dresses (and pants, depending on her mood) and she's not afaid to pair that with a pair of sneakers and go play in the dirt. Really! I watched her do it just the other day! LOL! Can't wait to see what you have to offer. Sounds intriguing.

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